The term “airdrop” refers to the procedure of giving out free tokens. Sometimes they are given to the owners of certain coins for storing them in cryptocurrency wallets, but more often the distribution of currency occurs as a reward for subscriptions to blockchain project accounts in social networks, retweets, and other simple actions. Users who want to make a profit are only required to spend a little time.

Reasons for giving away free tokens

Airdrop cryptocurrencies are held to attract the attention of a large number of users when a new product is released. Project developers integrate coins into the internal ecosystem and need to advertise their startup. The process is comparable to giving out a free product sample to find new customers and build a community of primary users.

Where to look for giveaways

There are several ways to find new topical cryptocurrency airdrop in 2022 :


This is the most famous forum about altcoins, which appeared in 2009. Every day tens of thousands of users, including investors, traders, developers, entrepreneurs, and ordinary users, communicate and share information.

Social networks – Twitter, Slack and Discord.

A developing project must create pages in several social networks and post actual information about bounty programs and airdrop.


A lot of useful data on the topic of free giveaways can be found on Telegram, where there are various channels, chats, and bots on cryptocurrency topics.

How giveaways take place

Airdrops are held with simple conditions for users. The developers of the project specify specific dates when it is possible to participate in the giveaway. At the end of the campaign, they manually or automatically send free coins to users’ wallets.

When tokens are given away

You should not expect a profit in the first 5 minutes. The giveaway of free crypto-assets does not involve instantly earning tokens and selling them the same day on the exchange. First, you will have to wait for the developers to send what they promised. Next, you need to find information about the coin’s listing (in case it is not already listed on CEX or DEX crypto exchanges).

Where to sell tokens

Once the altcoins have arrived on the cryptocurrency wallet balance, you need to figure out where to sell these assets and make a profit. You need to go to the official website or to the project’s Telegram chat. There you can read or ask about the coin listing. Sometimes it turns out to be more profitable not to sell them immediately, but to wait for an explosive rise in price.

The best exchanges to find the right token or cryptocurrency

On popular cryptocurrency trading platforms, it is realistic to find out which tokens have already been poured, and for which ones you will still have to wait. The ticker located in the header of the site or in the news feed provides information about current giveaways. The older and more well-known the site, the more likely it is to find a project that will not fail, will not stop developing, and will not disappear from the market in the coming months.

Project Selection

This point should be approached carefully. Not every airdrop will bring benefits and earnings. There are many fraudulent companies on the Internet, as well as blockchain startups that have no value. There is no point in participating in all the giveaways in a row because often fulfilling the conditions will not bring profit.

You should be wary of Web sites with “sloppy” designs and creators who have no information about them on the Internet. You should make sure that the project has a Whitepaper. If there is no such document, it means that the team has not thought about the concept for business and aims to profit from gullible investors.

If a page on Facebook or a blog on Medium was created a couple of days ago, there are only 2-3 posts on Twitter, and a hundred people in a Telegram chat – such a project is better to avoid.

Possible risks

There is almost nothing to be afraid of when participating in crypto airdrop. The main risk is loss of time. In addition, you must try not to fall into the trap of intruders. At best, it will be a name and email address, and at worst, a gullible user may have his wallet stolen and his cryptocurrency assets misappropriated. If the project is good and the giveaway is honest, the participant will not be asked for any personal information, and there is nothing to be afraid of.