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Optima - Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Optima - Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Optima - Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Optima - Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Optima - Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

Start your own cryptocurrency exchange business in 1 week with Optima™. Cryptocurrency Exchange Script

Optima™ cryptocurrency exchange script is the ultimate cryptocurrency trading solution to launch a competitive exchange business in the digital currency market.

We offer a comprehensive ready-made cryptocurrency exchange software and mobile apps for both Android and iOS that will allow our customers to focus on the development of their business, while our professionals will provide all required technological development and support.

Discover the unique world of our comprehensive exchange solution to enter the pool of Optima customers that consists of companies thoroughly prepared for successful work in the market with fierce competition.

10+ years of market research and development as one of the market-leading software development company, it led us to the creation of a competitive crypto exchange that can be easily launched within a few days. At the same time, our White Label solution will always operate in strict accordance with the special requirements and desires of the customer.

In addition to our professional approach, we offer you a wide range of the best products on the market, fully tested and prepared for trouble-free performance. By choosing our unique solution, you will receive first-class technologies for working in the cryptocurrency market at the price of a mainstream product.


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Optima™ is an Ultimate Cryptocurrency Exchange Script that provides with robust trading engine, and supports market-leading digital coins, unlimited fiat currencies.

Optima supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Monero, Litecoin, Binance Coin and more trending coins, fiat currencies as well as all custom ERC-20/BEP-20/TRC-20 based tokens.

The source code of Optima is fully open-source, which means it can be customized based on your requirements.

The core of Optima is based on Laravel Framework 8 and VueJs JavaScript framework for building user interfaces. As a database, Optima uses PostgreSQL or MySQL.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Removing the copyrights is forbidden and it is a subject to revoke your active license. The fee for removing the copyright content is 15000$

We prepared step-by-step guidelines for both users and developers, but they are only available to our customers.

Optima has both Public and Private API endpoints. You can connect Optima with trading bots, mobile apps, payment gateways and more through API interface.

We accept all types of customization from our customers starting from custom modules ending with your unique UI interface with theme files

IMPORTANT: For all custom modules ordered by our customers, we have the rights to resell these modules or include them in the next Optima releases. If you don't want to give us resell rights, the price for this module will be with double price.

Minimal server requirements for Optima:

  • 1. Linux based OS ( Ubuntu, Debian)
  • 2. >= 4GB RAM
  • 3. Network output >= 4GBps
  • 4. SSD 100GB
  • 5. 2 CPUs

Recommended server requirements for Optima:

  • 1. Linux based OS ( Ubuntu, Debian)
  • 2. >= 8GB RAM
  • 3. Network output >= 5GBps
  • 4. SSD 250GB
  • 5. 4 CPUs

Our Support is based on Optima Plan you choose. Our Exclusive and Ultimate plans support free installation. For other versions, we provide step-by-step documentation, so you can install Optima yourself.

Also, Technical support ONLY covers fixing reproduced bugs as soon as possible and release new updates.

Top Features

Why our customers choose Optima?

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Unlimited Markets

Optima allows you to add unlimited market pairs e.g. BTC-USDT, ETH-BTC, XRP-ETH, BTC-EUR, ETH-USD, USDT-USD and more

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Encrypted Data Storage

Optima uses AES-256 as AES has never been cracked yet and is safe against any brute force attacks.

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The Launchpad module helps blockchain projects raise funds and increase their reach across the crypto ecosystem.

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Coin/Token Staking

Optima distributes rewards for supported staking coins to users through its Staking program.

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Powerful API Interface

Optima provides both Public and Private APIs, so you can integrate Optima with trading bots, merchants, list to Coinmarketcap and more

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2FA / ReCaptcha

2FA is an extra layer of security used to protect accounts. ReCaptcha is a security service that protects from fraud and abuse.

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Ultra Fast Trading Engine

Optima uses automated trading platform and well-optimized matching engine to handle high-frequency trading operations.

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Credit Card / Bank Transfers

Optima supports Bank Transfers as well as Bank Card to handle deposits / withdrawals in fiat currencies.

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KYC Verification

Optima supports KYC Verification system to verify the identity of customers to gauge their legitimacy and credibility.

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Reports / Health Monitor

The Health monitor captures information about the database, workers, payment gateways, email providers and more.

Custom development service by Optima Team.

We offer our customers not just another comprehensive crypto exchange, but an optimal solution that is one of the most important achievements of the Optima team.

For more than 10 years of working as a software development company and also in the Cryptocurrency Exchange, Blockchain, Smart-Contract Development industry, our team accumulated rich experience and we are ready help you to open your own startup, make it successful and profitable business.

Custom Features / Modules Development
Smart Contract, Blockchain Development
Liquidity / Trading Bot Development
UI/UX Design
Dex/DeFi Products
ERC-20, ERC-1155, ERC-777 Token Standards
Staking/Farm/Pool Development
Low Latency, Kubernetes, Docker
Customer Reviews

What our customers say about Optima

Everything runs very smooth, tested on mobile and web. The exchange will work right from the start on mobile and that is something every professional trader wants. They also really help customize the exchange to your needs. You wont regret ordering from them

Joe CEO & founder

A great product and first class support. I am very impressed indeed.

Ikiyama Uto Web Developer

The Optima team is really talented and highly-skilled professionals. It would be better if they offer a little faster support because we use trading software and every second matters.

Eugene Mitchel Cryptocurrency Trader

Perfect exchange script and perfect support! Thanks a lot

Denny Terry CEO & Founder

Great product. Excellent customer support.

Tai Hudson CEO & Founder

Great product, good code quality and great customer support. Ryan and Rahna, thank you so much for the support.

Allen North Startup Owner

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